People are ‘always’ saying what they mean when they are saying it ?

In many ways the words that everyone uses are specific and mean what they say, given the internal ‘context’ of the person saying them.

That’s one of the challenges when it comes to human communication.

A conversation can feel like verbal martial arts at times can’t it?

It’s one of the reasons I find the model of NLP so much fun and have maintained a desire to keep on learning about it for many years.

The words we use are like ‘icons’ on the desk top, they could be called the ‘surface structure’.

The words people use are pointing us in the direction of a much deep ‘internal structure’ that the person has.

This deeper structure, or map of ‘reality’, is the source of our mind and body state in the moment when we speak out the words we are using.

The words people are using are not right or wrong in any kind of moral sense, but the are creating some kind of effect in those who hear them.
As we begin to understand how language directs the meaning making search of those who are listening to us, we can offer people directions for that search that might be very useful to them indeed.

And of course, as we begin to hear our ‘internal conversation’, which tends to trundle along outside of consciousness, our own personal transformation becomes more than just a possibility ☺
If you want to learn the NLP Model and start to apply it to your life and work as a professional birth worker, click the link below.

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