A Conversation That Transforms….are you ready for one? 

As I look back over my life I’m noticing that every major shift, you know, those times in my life when the very foundations of all that I thought I knew just seem to be crumbling away, has been marked by signification conversations.

What do I mean by conversations?

I mean different things to be honest, it might have been reading a book which has fundamentally challenged how I see the world, leading to the world occurring to me in totally different ways, creating new opportunities.
The conversation that the grief after my late wife dying is, has an ongoing effect on my life to this day, 9 years on. Not a day goes by when the way I am being isn’t informed by the fruit of that conversation.
For me the most important conversation is happening on the ‘inside’, it’s the conversation I am in with myself…..sometimes I’m aware of it, sometimes I am not, yet still it’s this conversation that shapes how my life turns up in the world.
Another way of saying it is, I am living inside a story in any given moment.
But one of the key things I have found is that ‘speaking’ that story out in presence of another, having another human being, being a kind of ‘space’ for my talking….has made an enormous difference in my life, and this effect has occurred again and again….

So, today I am choosing to create a future, I’m inventing a future which I am intending to live into……

I want to be in a ‘conversation’ with 10 birth professionals:

This is for you if:

You are building a birth related business and sense that you want to speak out your vision to someone who will listen and offer you coaching around what you say you want in life.

This is for you if:

You feel ready to transform your current experience of life, if you want to invent a future based on new possibilities.

This is for you if:

You want to explore the possibilities regarding the relationships you are in.

This is for you if:

You are feeling that what you have done in the past hasn’t worked and you are ready to take action, action that you have never taken before.

This is for you if:

As you read this you sense that now is the time.

Here is my offer and promises to you:


  • A minimum of 10 one to one conversations lasting at least an hour, over whatever period of time works for you.


  • A commitment to support you in getting what you say you want.


  • A commitment to ‘be’ a ‘space’ for your talking, such that new possibilities become available to you.


I am offering this to 10 people.


The investment: is £250.

To reserve a place this time round use the email address mark@birthing4blokes.com to pay via PayPal.

Or email to get BAC’s details.

If you would like to chat on the phone before you book call me:
07725894452 or Skype @birthing4blokes
(this opportunity is open to anyone in the world who is working as a birth professional)

2 thoughts on “A Conversation That Transforms….are you ready for one? 

  1. I work full time with my husband and he has become an amazing midwife support person. If you ever want to chat with us about the effect of having a male around the birth space we are noticing in Southern California we would be delighted.

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