What Can I Know For sure? What Am I An Expert in?

Sitting here now, reflecting, I ‘know’ something for sure, I have complete confidence in the absolute integrity of my own experience. 

That’s really the beginning and ending of all that I offer others through my writing and work…..but I notice something else, which creates enormous power for me….when it comes to my opinions on stuff, doesn’t matter what it is……I am almost certainly wrong….or at best partly wrong….about everything 😃

The liberty knowing this brings is wonderful, holding this way of thinking seems to create space to truly hear others when they disagree with me.

These days I am not really that concerned about what others think about me, I have stuff I want to share that I think some people will find supportive of their life, some won’t be interested etc, but so what, right? 

Some people will copy my content, so what right?

The ‘Truth’, I am an expert on my own experience and no one can express my experience like I can. 

There is a trap in all this, and here it is, when I mistake my experience for anything like the ‘objective truth’ about anything. My experience is only ever ‘just’ my experience. 

A Conversation That Transforms….are you ready for one? https://birthingawareness.com/2017/04/10/a-conversations-that-tramsform-are-you-ready-for-one/

2 thoughts on “What Can I Know For sure? What Am I An Expert in?

  1. This is wise. To quote a family member who has recently found out she’s pregnant: ‘ It’s making me see all those times I thought I had it all sorted and worked out, you realise it’s totally different from what you thought! ‘ It’s very hard not to hang on to certainty for me but none of us is that in control of anything.

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