About Mark Harris



I am registered as a midwife and nurse.

I love being around people, always have as long as I can remember; having five sisters and three brothers afforded me plenty of practice and now with 6 children of my own and 6 grand children I have lots of opportunity to indulge my people passion.

The choices I have made in my professional life have been shaped by this gregarious inclination.

I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife, Teacher in Further Education, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, out reach youth worker.

I still work as a Midwife offering a birth education through a programme called, Birthing 4 Blokes (@Birthing4Blokes), work and play often merge for me.

Projects I’m working on:

  • @birthing4blokes video based program
  • Writing next book for Spring 2017
  • Delivering workshops to couples, birth professionals and men
  • Conference speaking events
  • One to one support for couples, men, and birth professionals
  • A collaboration with Mia Scotland (transforming ‘birth debrief)
  • A video based introduction to NLP for birth workers
  • A one day workshop introduction to NLP for birth workers
  • A 10 month coaching conversation program (only 4 participants a year)

Please get in touch:


32 thoughts on “About Mark Harris

  1. Yes, come on Mark, write something

  2. have posted some stuff today!

  3. […] At the recent Wise Hippo Pod Meet – get it?! – one of the star speakers was Mark Harris who runs Birthing 4 Blokes: https://birthingawareness.com/about/. […]

  4. Dawn Spruce -Sewell

    Good Morning Mark

    I enjoyed your interview on BBC Breakfast just now . I am a Chiropractor with a special interest in treating pregnant women . Do you lecture to professional groups ?

    Best Wishes


  5. Hi Mark. I have just listened to you onBBC radio 2. I am a midwife and director here at natural birthing company and my passion is to educate and support women and their partners. I loved what you said as us everything these women are not being taught…. empowerment and belief in their bodies!
    I teach HypnoBirthing to women and their birthing companions and we have just launched a range of natural products into the retail sector for women to use pre natal and postnatal I just wanted to reach out as a fellow midwife and say hello! ! Get in touch if you’d like to know more about us!😊
    Kindest regards

  6. Hi Mark, I was so taken with your interview with Steve Wright that I have come to find out about your book to give to my daughter and son-in-law who are 12 weeks pregnant. Things seem very different nowadays than my week long stay in the maternity home 27 years ago!

  7. Hi Mark,

    Having enjoyed listening to you on Steve Wright’s show just curious if you did your training at Rush Green Maternity? The reason for asking a trainee male midwife attended to me in June 1994 and said it was his first birth that he had actually delivered (there was a trained midwife present). Just wondered if it was you? 🙂 I can say it was my third child and the best delivery of all three.

  8. Fabulous interview on radio 2 lastnight Mark. Im 27 weeks pregnant at the moment with my second. I will certainly be buying your book for my partner as its his first baby. thank you, Julie

  9. […] can take inspiration from male midwives out there in social media – Mark Harris is a male midwife of some 20 plus years. He was in the media recently promoting his book […]

  10. I admire your idea and sure you can enlighten many guys to be more sensitive to their pregnant spouses. The gap between midwifery practice and research is because the research is so dishonest. Midwives tone down VE findings, etc etc and they are mounded by protocols thought up by obstetricians working on the medical models of the birthing process and by the fear of birth the women themselves have. I retired from midwifery because I felt the NHS did not respect my health or my age! So in this era of cost cutting and devaluing my skills and my health I walked out half way through a shift and have never been back. So don’t keep scapegoating midwives without looking at the deeper issues of why midwives are liars, why do they seek to protect the birthing process from medicalisation.

    • Hi. If you have come to the conclusions that I am doing things you mention I am truly surprised. I respect your ‘point of view’ whilst knowing I have none of the ‘intentions’ you seem to be seeing. I wish you well, thanks for reading and commenting.

  11. […] in a busy daily life. There are interviews with Françoise Freedman, founder of Birthlight and Mark Harris, author of Men, Love and Birth. We take a look at maternal anger and a mother reflects on her […]

  12. […] their hands, one being a young man who asked great questions. (I told him he’d be the next Mark Harris.) The rest looked wide-eyed and incredulous, as I explained how I had been studying as long as they […]

  13. […] work encompasses video support- man to man, debriefing birth, and more …. Check him out here : https://birthingawareness.com/about/ Us women love to talk, a good chat, laugh or cry and we are pretty much sorted. Men have different […]

  14. […] role. Learn how he can help you to elicit and release your oxytocin via his connection and love. Mark Harris talks about this in his book “Men, Love and Birth”. Ina May Gaskin maintains that the […]

  15. Hi mark
    How are you , I wanted to chat with you about the great work you do with dads , I am now working as s family nurse delivering the family nurse programme to teenage expectant parents and continue to offer intensive support until the child is 2 years old.
    I am also very involved in the SSBC project in Nottingham city and have been asked to participate in setting up local groups for dads including the FRED fathers read every day. And hit the ground crawling
    What I would love to ask is there any chance you be free to come along to SSBC HOT TOPICS WORKFORCE EVENT INCLUDING DADS – WHAT WORKS. ON WED 12 th OCT 10-12 SSBC NCVS MANSFIED ROAD NOTTINGHAM
    I know this is a lot to ask and I appreciate you must be very busy but I guess if I don’t ask I ll never know !!
    I would love to be able to ask for funding so myself and colleagues in Nottingham city FNP SSBC could come along to your workshops and learn more about birth education for dads I do feel really passionate about this subject and want to do the best in order that the dads feel involved every second of the journey of parenting , many thanks in advance Becky Gould ( was lingard )

  16. Wow just wow. It’s amazing how enthusiastic you are.

  17. […] was chatting to male midwife Mark Harris earlier and he reminded me of a favourite topic of his: that everything we see, the world we live […]

  18. Hi Mark, just came across you on “the cord” postcast, loved what you were saying. I’m interested in your book and particularly to give to my partner as we plan our family, my partner is french and we live in France, I just wondered if it is possible to purchase a translation of your work in french ?

    Many thanks 🙏🏻

  19. Hi Mark. Just finished your book. Good read! I’ve signed up to get a taster of your online course. Where are you screaming next so I can meet you?

  20. Hi Mark I had my son in 93 in Leicester I think you delivered my son Barrie you was working with a midwife called Winnie, is this you

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