Conference subjects I’m available to speak on in 2017😃

Happy new year. This year I am writing a new book for September 2017, the subjects below will be covered in the book.


Men, Love & Fatherhood, will take men from the birth of their baby to the end of the first 3 months.


I would like to be invited to speak on these subjects at conferences and student midwife events in 2017:

Bonding without breasts


Massage for babies


Baby wearing

Sex after birth


Intimacy, the endocrine dance, sexual differences

Language use and building intimacy in relation to the endocrine dance

Sleep; theirs and yours


Caring for yourself as Father


A fathers responsibility as she breastfeeds


Understanding infant well-being and what’s expected of you?


Rites of passage for men in the west.


Imprinting experiences and the importance of patterns decided on in early life lasting a life time, the implications for parenting.



Email me to book a date ☺

Or ring to arrange:

07725 894 452