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If you have a question about the @Birthing4Blokes programme or are interested in chatting about any birth related matters please contact us either by email:

or give me a ring on:

07725 894 452

9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Great site with useful information and positive attitude to include fathers in birth. Thank you.

  2. Hi. Could you please tell me which areas you cover/ where you hold your classes for your birthing for blokes programme.
    Many thanks
    Sarah Wheeler

  3. Workshop for February 2015??

    • Hi heather thanks for asking about the workshop in Feb, as we speak you are the only one who has contacted us. Where about in the country are you, ive been asked to go to somerset and reading in the nee year.

  4. Hello Vanessa from da-a-Luz here any chance you would like to be with us 5th – 12 th March in Spain …to teach…I have 200e waiting to book a flights in next few days….students awaiting your wisdom…offering to a few folk..will confirm a spot to whoever replies soonest!

    Big love Vanessa xxx

  5. Alexandra Heavey

    Hello Mark,
    Your book is on order and I can’t wait to read it!! In the meantime, I got an email via doula Uk re hosting a workshop. I live an 8 minute drive from Wimbledon and would be REALLY interested in finding out about hosting
    Kind Regards, Alexandra Heavey

  6. Hi Mark,
    I love your blog, it’s so honest and helpful. We’re hoping to work with Hypnobirthing Kent and we are meeting Barbara Seal this week to discuss giving talks about sex after childbirth. I own Jo Divine, you may have seen me tweeting @samtalkssex. As a former nurse I write about sexual health and pleasure both for our online magazine and for national publications. I also work with HCPs to help them to talk about sexual issues with their patients and to help them find ways for their patients to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure. I recently gave a talk at the Mummy MOT Training course for women’s health physiotherapists about sex after childbirth. The one message I’d love to get across to all new parents is ” use lubricant”. My husband and business partner, Paul and I discovered YES organic lubricants 6 years ago and it transformed our sex life, only wish I’d found it after having our 3 children! My husband is a hands on dad, especially when our children were small and I couldn’t do it without him. Childbirth and parenting can be hard and may affect relationships so your work is invaluable so thank you. Sam

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