Mark Harris: Teaching Men About Birth

Teaching Men About Birth: Next Workshop is on Sunday 13 August 2017 (For Student Midwives & Those who are thinking about training as midwives)

Foundation laying one day workshop:

Teaching birth information to men.

In this workshop I will explore with you the differences (between men and women) and how understanding (having an insight) them can make all the difference when teaching couples and men.

Areas covered:

Our own experiences of relating to men

The biophysical differences between the sexes

How men learn, and the conditions required to make even more possible for him to have an insight

The evolutionary biological understanding of the masculine/feminine dance when men and women live with each other

How the dance flows in relationships and sexual intamcy
You will learn exercises that can be taught to men, leading to them having more control over the fight of flight response while she gives birth

We will explore how to teach specific birth subjects while focusing on his mission:

maintaining deep connection to his lover while she births.

Who am I?

I am registered as a midwife.

I love being around people, always have as long I can remember; now with six children of my own and 9 grand children, and teaching workshops I have lots of opportunity to indulge in my people passion.

I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife, Teacher in Further Education, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, out reach youth worker.

I still work as a Midwife offering a birth education (author of the book Men, Love & Birth) through a programme called, @Birthing4Blokes, work and play often merge for me.

Get in touch with me, I love chatting: Email

Next Workshop is on Sunday 13 August 2017


Reg 9:30am (10am start)-4:30pm

Tea and coffee will be available. Either bring your own lunch or use one of the many shops etc near by. There is local free parking available on a Sunday.

Price: £15 (This is for student midwives and those thinking of training as midwives)

After the workshop is completed, Slides, Reflective writing frame and certificate is available to all participants.


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