Michelle Bradley

A mother's story of over coming mental health challenges after giving birth


Belfast, NI (25th March, 2019) – A local mum has put pen to paper in a bid to help others suffering with mental illness in pregnancy and after birth.

Following her own experiences with extreme anxiety and depression, Michelle Bradley, mum of three, is due to release her new book Pangs: Surviving Motherhood and Mental Illness on 30th March. The book which shares Michelle’s own very personal experiences also aims to give new parents a helping hand with their own struggles.

“For the past six years and through three pregnancies, I have been through the most horrendous anxiety, depression and shame” says Michelle, who also runs an online support group for parents with mental illness. “When I was at my lowest I turned to books to help me find a way out. I wanted to hear someone’s story of recovery to give me some hope, but I also wanted practical things I could do to help myself. That’s how this book has come about”.

The book begins with a raw and honest account of Michelle’s own experiences, detailing her downward spiral and ultimately her turning point to recovery. The book also features a self-help and resources section for parents who are looking for some further support and guidance.

“I want this book to help shine a guiding light on those still walking through the darkness of mental illness. Most importantly, I want this book to help break the stigma that many parents are facing and find a way to make conversations about our mental health to become easier and more mainstream”.

Pangs: Surviving Motherhood and Mental Illness will be available on Amazon from 30th March 2019.

About Michelle Bradley

Michelle is a working mum of three living in Belfast. She runs PANGS NI, an online peer support group for women with perinatal mental illness as well as a blog and resource She is also the Founder of ALC Events that focuses on “events that matter”and has been instrumental in bringing the first Maternal Mental Health Conference, and Positive Birth Conference to Northern Ireland.

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