Why Hasn’t Birth ‘Debrief’ Worked Very Well? 

Maybe you think it has? 

Every since I trained as a midwife in 1994 one form or another of ‘birth debrief’ has taken place in the UK.

Recent research suggests that what we have been doing all these years hasn’t worked very well at all.   

The ‘confidential inquiry into maternal death’ report (2015) is very clear that postnatal mental health issues are becoming a leading cause of death following child birth.

What can be done? 

The Maternity Review (2016) has pointed towards increased investment in our NHS postnatal service, a call to action which is long overdue. 

Mia Scotland (clinical psychologist, doula, hypno birther and author) and I are choosing to make a contribution in this area. 

On Monday 27 February 2017 we are running a co-led workshop exploring this very important subject. 

Details regarding what we are going to cover will follow, but we will certainly be taking about :

the ‘signs’ that can be seen in clients that would prompt a professional birth worker to refer a woman to specialist services.

Ways of listening and speaking that create an environment for a woman and her partner to heal within. 

What process’s we have used that support the on going recovery of person ‘stuck’ inside a story of trauma. 

These subjects and much more will be discussed on the day. 

Places on the workshop will be limited booo you place here:

Or give me a ring to discuss:

07725 894 452